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Meet Otensia

The Birthing of Limitless

In 2012 the idea of restoring individuals came from a place of understanding the hurt, and pain that is felt through rejection. Many identify rejection only in circumstances such as adoption or being fostered. Although this may well be true. Rejection can be identified in several other areas such as lack of parental attention, the second child syndrome, the loss of a parent at a young age, rejection in school, losing your identity in another's, abusive partners, being abused, and feeling unloved the list goes on. It was from this place that Reverand Otensia saw the need to empower people. This being said, it took some seven years later for her to gain the courage to invest in this project, which was then launched in May 2019.


The core focus is to identify the needs of both young Girls and women, providing the tools needed for them to understand their true potential and expand their capacity to develop a limitless mindset in order impact who they are from the inside out.


Developing Confidence

Finding yourself is one of the hardest jobs in todays society. Being able to gain empowerment and strength through others and their stories is a powerful source.

LIMITLESS endeavours to do just that!  by giving others the opportunity to develop a true image of themselves, through council, love and impartations of real truth. 

Eagles don't fly

They soar!

Rise above the clouds


Pastor Otensia

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