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Limitless Global


We are Limitless women on a mission to be our best and have a positive impact throughout the globe. 

The core focus is to identify the needs of both young girls and women, providing the tools needed for them to understand their true potential and expand their capacity to develop a limitless mindset in order to impact who they are from the inside out.

Is it time you invested in healing You? Are you ready to find your tribe? Level up your career? Create that best life and the impact you are destined to have?

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At Limitless Global, there are a few things we are pretty passionate about: the transformational power of coaching and Jesus, purpose-full personal development, and women coming together to empower one another to be their best selves, live their best lives, and follow their dreams.

Our Limitless Encounter events provide the opportunity for all of the above.

We specialise in providing open, safe, and non-judgmental spaces for you to work on you and make your development a priority; and to come together with other like-minded aspirational women to support and encourage one another, hold one other accountable, and inspire one other to lead bold, purposeful, happy and limitless lives.

Our events are full days so there are plenty of opportunities to learn, grow and make meaningful connections.

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Limitless Encounter Coming May 2022
Talks With Tee and Shez

Deepening connection to self and others and fostering community with like-minded women are at the heart of what we do - it’s our passion, our priority and we are always exploring new ways that we can do that for you and our global team.

Talks with Tee and Shez is our weekly on the table hot topic place to be, we don't mess around we are getting into those serious topics, and giving you an in depth way of overcoming those problem areas with relevant strategies in a friendly "woman to woman" chat over coffee at lunchtime.

We are all Christians on the Limitless Global Team and you may hear us point to our faith at times, but these strategies are for everybody.

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Talks With Tee & Shez - Procrastination!
Talks With Tee & Shez With Special Guest Francesca McDowall
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